Scholarship FAQ


Who is eligible to apply?

Any student who has immigrated to the United States. Students must either be enrolled in or currently attending the post-secondary institution. Students who have already received a Bachelor’s degree or more are not eligible to apply. Students must be enrolled in the post-secondary institution for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 academic year.


What qualifies as a post-secondary institution?

Any accredited post-secondary education institution (e.g. university or community college) listed on the United States Department of Education. We cannot support recipients planning on attending for-profit educational institutions.


Who will review applications?

Applications will be reviewed by the SOS Board. No relatives of the SOS Board are eligible to apply.


when are applications due? When will i hear back?

Applications are due May 27th. Decisions will be sent out in mid-June.

Reserved Rights

SOS reserves the right to grant awards to more than one applicant, provided that at least one applicant receives the designated amount of $1,000. Meaning that if we receive more donations, we will select more students to receive funding!