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Interested in getting involved with Students of Salaam?

If you are interested in volunteering with an existing SOS Branch, please contact that branch directly. If you would like to start an SOS chapter in your area or join the SOS National Team, please contact us.

SOS NAtional team

The SOS National team is dedicated to serving SOS’s mission of small-scale community-building for large-scale consequences. The national team has three main priorities: first, support branches; second, regularly assess impact of our model and design changes when necessary; third, think creatively about ways to innovate upon SOS’s current work.

  • Branch Support: The national team guides the vision, strategy, and agenda for SOS branches, helping new branches launch and overseeing local work, obtaining funds for continued educational and outreach efforts, and coordinating between branches when necessary.

  • Impact evaluation: The national team is tasked with evaluating the impact of our branches and model as a whole, and will adapt or re-design practices when necessary. Impact evaluation involves the constant solicitation of insight and advice from our chapters, as we are committed to mutual accountability, responsibility, and support between local and national efforts. Finally, impact evaluation requires the much-appreciated support of schools, community partners, and university faculty who held advise our evaluation processes.

  • Innovation: Finally, the national team prioritizes creative thinking and organizational betterment; we are always thinking about ways that we can expand the scope or depth of our work be it through new branches, innovations to our curriculum, or digital expansions to our model. We encourage a high level of ambition, dedication, empathy and rigor in our discussions and always invite new perspectives—if you have thoughts for us, please reach out!

Contact us to get involved with the SOS National Team.

rise / sos new haven branch

RISE is a tutoring and mentoring organization that works with immigrants and refugees in New Haven to overcome language and cultural barriers they may face. Our team of tutors works through weekly in-school and in-home sessions in a variety of public schools and family homes. Our tutors work with a curriculum designed by our team, and we provide resources necessary for our ESL based programming. In addition to these weekly sessions, we organize monthly community events to allow for cultural exchanges to benefit the greater New Haven community, the immigrant and refugee populations, and the Yale community.

Send an email to Abdah or Meera get involved with the RISE / SOS New Haven Chapter.

sos princeton branch

SOS is currently establishing a chapter in Princeton, NJ.

Send an email to to get involved with the SOS Princeton Chapter.